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5 Ways To Keep Dogs Entertained When They’re Home Alone

Dog owners know all too well that if their pets are left alone at home, years of careful training could…

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Do Huskies Make Good Pets For Everyone?

People often say to us “I love Huskies and want to get one – but will a Husky be a…


7 Facts about Service Dogs

The terms “service dog” or “assistance dog” are quite well-known these days. They are often in the media, for both…

The Basics

The Pros and Cons of a Raw Diet for Huskies

People like to experiment with the fashionable diet of the moment for various health or ethical reasons – be it…

The Basics

How to Take Care of Huskies in Hot Weather

Huskies are adapted by nature to live in Arctic climates – but these days, they live with their owners all…

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How To Care for Pets When You’re Social Distancing Due To Coronavirus

By now we all know about the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak, and many of us have quarantined or “social…

Husky Training Tips

Potty training a husky, whether only a husky puppy or adult Siberian Husky is such an essential need for its…
This is a common question that most first-time Siberian Husky owners ask me. Before I answer your question, let me…
It’s essential for Siberian Husky parents like you to know certain basic factors that determine your relationship with your Siberian…

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Huskies – what are they?

A husky is an ancient dog breed originating from the Arctic regions of the northern hemisphere.

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Are Huskies good with other pets?

Huskies have a very strong prey-drive (meaning they instinctively hunt other animals); and if they are not socialized to smaller…

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Why do Huskies dig?

One of the biggest problems you will experience with your Siberian husky or Alaskan husky is digging.

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Are Huskies good with children?

Siberian huskies and Alaskan Huskies are pack animals, and generally love people, children included.

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Why does my Husky try to escape?

Huskies are undeniably expert escape artists. This is something many Husky owners are experienced with, and something that many breeders…

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Should Huskies be neutered?

Some Siberian Huskies deviate to some extent from the registered standard in appearance, size, action, temperament, or they have known…

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Why do Huskies mount other dogs, people or furniture?

Nonsexual mounting of other dogs is generally a dominance, control, or challenge behavior, although when practiced by puppies it’s primarily…

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Common Husky health problems

As a responsible and compassionate Husky owner, you obviously want to make sure your guy or girl is in tip-top…