What Is the Best Husky Crossbreed?

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Siberian Huskies are amazing animals – soft and fuzzy, affectionate, intelligent and lively. If you love the breed but would prefer a less active pooch, or a smaller one, or a dog who doesn’t shed quite as much, what are your options?

If you like certain Husky characteristics but are wary of others, you might consider adding a Husky cross to your family. Crossbreeding is the best way to get a dog with all of that magical Husky personality, but without as much maintenance!

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Some very valid concerns have been raised over the years by animal rights activists and ethical breeding groups about indiscriminate crossbreeding. However, there are many ethical breeders who produce healthy, happy crossbreed pups. Some doggy professionals even consider ethical crossbreeding to be an advantage to the dog species as a whole.

Interested in a Husky cross? Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of crossbreeding, what the most popular Husky crosses are, and what to look out for when picking a breeder.

The Most Popular Husky Crossbreeds

The Corgsky (Corgi x Husky)

If you live in a small space, this adorable mix might be the right pup for you. They look like miniature Huskies, but with the cute compact size and short legs of a Corgi.  

Huskies and Corgis are both intelligent breeds who tend to be quite stubborn. You’ll need to exercise them regularly and be patient with their training. Corgis are notorious for their tendency to get chunky – so be sure not to overfeed these cute fuzzies. Use our Doggy Calorie Counter if you need some assistance with non-fattening feeding!

corgi husky mix
Photo credit: puppupdog.com

The Pomsky (Pomeranian x Husky)

The Pomsky is another supercute combination of a small breed and a large breed. These pooches are even smaller than their Corgsky cousins, and well suited to apartment living. They still need plenty of playtime – and they can shed almost as much as Huskies.

If you want a smaller floof and don’t mind a high-maintenance pet, you can’t go wrong with one of these adorable fuzzballs of energy.

pomeranian husky mix
Photo credit: boredpanda.com

The Goberian (Golden Retriever x Husky)

What could be cuter than a combination of two of the world’s most attractive dog breeds? These supermodel guys and gals have the luscious coats and friendly nature of both breeds. They’re ideal for families with children, as they’re relaxed and docile if treated well.

Goberians are bigger dogs who need regular grooming, space to roam and plenty of attention, so be prepared to pamper these gorgeous pups like royalty.

golden retriever husky mix goberian
Photo credit: officialgoldenretriever.com

The Labsky (Labrador x Husky)

Are you a high-energy dog parent who loves tons of physical activity, but also wants a dog who is trainable and obedient? Then the Labsky is your pick of the litter.

These pups have all the rambunctious energy of Huskies, but are better at listening to you and won’t be distracted as easily. Labskies are loyal to a fault, and live to please their owners. However, they won’t thrive with a family who prefers a more sedentary lifestyle – and folks who can’t handle lots of shedding should look for another breed.

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The Pitsky (Pitbull x Husky)

Pitbulls have an unfortunate reputation and some animal rights activists believe they’re being unfairly discriminated against by breed-specific legistlation. Still, they’re a much-loved breed around the world for many reasons. If you want the characteristics of a Pibble but without the unfortunate stigma, a bully-husky mix might be ideal for you.

These pooches are playful, energetic, loyal, friendly – and many of them have shorthaired coats that are ideal for those with allergies. You’ll need plenty of space for them to roam and explore. Early socialization of this mix is very important, so their ideal owners are experienced and not first-timers.

pitsky pitbull husky
Photo credit: thesmartcanine.com

The Shepsky (German Shepherd x Husky)

This mix is immensely popular, which is understandable as they’re a combination of two loyal, intelligent and hard-working breeds. They are great companions and awesome family pets – but they like to be kept busy, so brace yourself for a rigorous daily training and activity schedule.

It’s vital to ensure the breeders you choose are reputable, whether you’re looking for purebred OR designer dogs. If you’re interested in a mixed breed pooch, remember that there’s no guarantees that the pup you pick will be exactly what you expect. Even purebred dogs are individuals and can have their quirks!

german shepherd husky mix
Photo credit: allshepherd.com

We at Naughty Husky believe that ALL dogs are amazing, and deserve a loving home and a good life. If you can, consider adopting. Whatever choice you make when it comes to adding a fur kid to your family, you can’t go wrong with our many articles and tips on Husky care and training!