Do Huskies Make Good Pets For Everyone?

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People often say to us “I love Huskies and want to get one – but will a Husky be a good fit for me?” The answer is that yes, Huskies are wonderful animals, and they make loving pets – however, the breed has a few little quirks that might make them unsuitable for some owners.

On second thoughts, it might be more accurate to say that some people have little quirks that make them unsuitable for Huskies!

We’ve put together some lifestyle factors that prospective dog owners might have questions about, and rated them out of 5 to help you decide if you’re the right parent for a Husky. Remember, these scores are just guidelines for humans, and are no reflection on these amazing pooches in general.

husky in cold weather

Good Pets for First-Time Owners

1  Very low score! Huskies were bred as working animals, and their behavioural traits are best suited to be part of a sled dog team in the great outdoors. As household pets, they are boisterous, very sociable, and independent-minded. They need lots of discipline, entertainment, and exercise. They can’t be left alone for long periods, or they get into trouble.

For this reason, Huskies might not the best pick for a first-time dog owner – it’s best to be thoroughly used to every aspect of canine care before you take on one of these pooches.

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Can Live in a Small Home or Apartment


Low score! Small houses and apartments are not suitable for these big energetic dogs, who need lots of space to truly flourish.  They also tend to howl when excited, or bored, or just whenever the mood takes them – so neighbours won’t be too pleased.

It’s best to get a pooch who doesn’t need a huge amount of exercise and can relax quietly for much of the time, if you have limited space at home.

Can Be Trained Easily


Below average score! Huskies are intelligent and can definitely be trained to obey, but they need lots of repetition and rewards to keep them focused. Unless you have a great deal of time and energy to spend on dog training, it’s best to choose a pooch that takes easily to the kind of training that will make him or her well-behaved.

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Is Easy To Groom


Below average score! Huskies have a double coat, with wiry outer hair that keeps water and ice away from their bodies, and a soft undercoat that regulates their temperature. The soft undercoat blows out in warmer weather – or even year-round with some dogs. There’s a LOT of it, and it can get everywhere in the house unless you practice very regular grooming.

While Huskies need lots of brushing to prevent a Furpocalypse, they are very clean animals who don’t need lots of baths.

husky fur shedding

Tendency to Chase Other Animals (Prey Drive)


Average score! Some dogs were born to chase anything they spot running past – like cats, other dogs, or even people. This is a hunting instinct, known as prey drive. You might have noticed that cats have an even stronger prey drive, and will chase literally anything moving!

Huskies are not strong natural hunters, like terriers, but they definitely have hunting instincts that are triggered to at least “investigate” another animal running past. It’s best to keep your Husky on a leash when in a public park for this reason.

Can Tolerate Extreme Weather or Climate


Average score! While Huskies are very well adapted for an Arctic climate, most pet owners live in warmer regions. Pooches with thick double coats can overheat more easily than short hair breeds. It’s best to keep your fuzzy Husky indoors at the hottest part of warm or humid days, and exercise them during the cooler morning or evening. Make sure you take extra care of those Husky paws in cold weather!

Gets Along with Other Dogs


Above average friendliness toward dogs!  Huskies generally have very good canine social skills. They’re not overly protective of their owners – which helps them not to get the urge to dominate other dogs as much. However, it’s best to keep a careful eye on their socializing at the doggy park or on the street. Every dog is different and have their own “triggers” for things that might make them anxious and react aggressively.

huskies and other dogs

Friendly with Kids


Excellently child-friendly! Huskies are patient and sturdy, so they don’t mind a certain level of roughhousing or lots of noise. It’s best to keep a careful eye on your canine kids when they’re interacting with human kids, though. Some very young children can be a little rough with tender parts like tails and ears, and it’s unfair on your pooches to let them get hurt.

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Loves the Whole Family


Top marks for these family favourites! Huskies adore humans and are very sociable. They’ll want to spend every waking minute with the family, and they love visitors too! These friendly traits make them less than stellar guard dogs, but if it’s cuddles you want, these dogs are the one of the best.

furry husky pups