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One of the biggest problems you will experience with your Siberian husky or Alaskan husky is digging. He can be very destructive, and you’ll want to avoid this Husky-habit as much as possible. Let’s look at why huskies dig.

One of the main reasons a Husky digs is to hide something or dig something up – it’s in a Husky’s nature to look after their ‘property’. You might find that your Husky will bury food or a toy, and dig the area again in order to get it out. Usually, Huskies do this to keep other animals from getting toys or food from them. Obviously, it is in your best interest to make sure digging isn’t done all over your yard.

You might want to tear your hair out over this problem, but rest assured there are methods to control Siberian Husky digging. The main method of controlling this kind of behavior is to allocate an area for your Husky to dig. You need to make sure your Husky sees this area, and if he looks like he’s getting the urge to dig, you should persuade him to the designated area. Every single time your Husky starts wanting to dig in an area that isn’t designated for him, you need to make sure that he is placed in that area. This might seem like a lot of legwork, but you can turn this training into fun time with your Husky. You can hide food, toys, and treats in that area in order to keep him excited about using that certain area for digging. Your Husky will quickly figure out that the spot is his to dig.

Long-haired Siberian or Alaskan Huskies may also dig because they want to stay cool during the summertime, and will dig a hole to lie in. The soil can be quite cool, and your Husky will love it. The way to fix this is to provide your Husky with enough shade during the summertime. Digging may also be a result of boredom. The main thing you need to do in order to solve this is keep your Husky active and engaged so as to eliminate the boredom as well as the digging.

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