How to Take Care of Huskies in Hot Weather

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Huskies are adapted by nature to live in Arctic climates – but these days, they live with their owners all over the world and in all kinds of temperatures.

Lots of Husky owners are concerned about keeping those super-fuzzy boys and gals healthy and happy in hotter countries and climates. Here are some tips to help you out!

1. NEVER Shave Or Cut Your Husky’s Coat!

This is one of the most important things to know when it comes to caring for a Husky (or Malamute, or Samoyed, or Chow) in warm weather.

These dog breeds have a double coat, with a very special “underwear” layer of fur that helps to regulate their body temperature. Cutting or shaving this layer means your Husky is way more likely to suffer from overheating, or even heatstroke.

Remember that when your doggo pants in the heat, they’re helping to regulate their own temperature. Dogs panting heavily can make a concerned owner worry about their pet in hot weather, but it’s perfectly normal behaviour. If a human family member starts panting heavily and continually – then you should be worried!

The only time you need to worry about your dog panting is if he or she seems confused or is unresponsive.

Don’t ever be tempted to mess with your dog’s coat – it would be like you or I going outside in the hot sun with no clothes on!

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2. Keep Your Husky Indoors At Midday

In hot weather or warm climates, people usually know to stay indoors during the hottest part of the day – from 12 to 3pm. In some countries, they encourage people to go home and lie down in the summer afternoons!

Make sure your Husky has a cool place to lie that is out of the sun. A patch of tile flooring is ideal to allow the animal to expel heat – but if your boy or gal is a senior dog with joint issues, the floor might be too hard for them and they’ll need a carpet or bed.

An elevated dog bed is ideal to keep your pet cool but comfortable.

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If your home’s windows are in direct sunlight, blinds or sunshields will keep the house and its occupants safer against the heat and UV rays. If you can afford the luxury of air conditioning, your Husky will thank you for keeping one of your rooms at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (around 20-21 degrees Celsius). Fans can also help where aircon isn’t available.

3. Husky Pool Party!

Huskies are not too keen on bath time, but they love a good splash in a shallow pool. Our Husky boys like nothing better than getting in and out of the bathtub that doubles as an animal trough on our friends’ smallholding in the countryside!

If you have the space, your Husky will appreciate cooling off in a portable or inflatable paddling pool in the hotter months. Just remember that your dog won’t hesitate to shake water all over your porch or house at the first opportunity!

You can buy doggy wading pools that are designed specifically for dogs – they have lower sides, and are thicker than a kiddy pool and more resistant to animal claws.

husky in pool

4. Make Sure Your Husky Always Has Water

Pet owners should make sure their animals have access to clean water at all times – but it’s particularly important in summer or hot climates. Don’t forget to have water both inside and outside the house, so pets don’t have to search for it too hard when thirsty.

If you are planning to go out for a fairly long period of time, it’s worth asking a friend or family member to look in on your fuzzy kid and make sure they haven’t spilt their water, and are otherwise safe and comfortable.

5. Take Care of Husky Paws

Dog’s paw pads are sensitive to heat, and they can burn badly if your driveway or pavement is too hot. Remember that exterior tiling retains heat extremely effectively, and can cause nasty burns. If the hard surfaces around your house are too hot for your own bare hands or feet, chances are they’re too hot for your dogs’ feet as well.

If you’re walking around outside with your Husky in hot weather (not really recommended), try and encourage him or her to stay in the shade as much as possible.

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6. Exercise Your Husky at Cooler Times of Day

Whether you have a big garden or yard at home, or you take your dogs out in the street or park for exercise, it’s best to go out in the early morning or evening in hot weather.

Your Husky wants to please you and loves to exercise, but they can overheat in extreme heat or in the middle of the day. Remember to take a water bottle and drinking bowl on outings to keep your doggoes hydrated in the summer months.