7 Ways To Keep Your Husky Calm During Fireworks

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More pets end up in shelters during and after the 4th of July than any other time of year. Why? Because of fireworks, of course. Almost every type of dog is frightened of fireworks, and a physically strong and highly excitable breed like Huskies are able to get far, far away from whatever scares them!

 You might be pretty far from any public fireworks – but even a display that happens miles away will sound much louder to your dog.

If you’ve got plans on Thursday night, you’re probably trying to decide if you should leave your dogs inside or outside of the house. There are issues with both of these options: if you leave your Husky outside, remember that they’re natural escape artists – they can scale a pretty high fence if they really want to. If you leave your dog inside? Imagining the damage a freaked out adult dog can cause in your pristine home is making us cringe right now!

Even if you stay home with them, your dog can still freak out and try to hit the road. So what can you do to keep your boy or gal calm and collected once the explosions start?

Here are 7 great ways to help you and your dog enjoy Independence Day without stress.

1. Go For A Long Walk

Make time in your schedule to take your Husky for an extra long workout before the fireworks begin. Tired dogs are calmer, and might even sleep through everything!

2. Keep Calm And Carry On!

Your Husky is a sensitive dog that reacts to your emotions. If you’re a little jumpy because of the noise, your dog will be too. Try to minimize your own reactions and your fur kid will be calmer too.  

3. Make More Noise

You can distract your dog if you make some noise that will drown out possible firework noises. Time for a party? Turn up your stereo or TV and keep your windows closed. The noise from a fan or aircon can help as well.

4. Get The Thundershirt

Our friends at Chewy have a terrific product called the Thundershirt, which some pet owners swear by. The shirt provides gentle pressure on your dog that helps keep them calm. Cats can get their own shirts, too!

5. Distract Your Dog

Socialize with your dog – get out those favorite toys and treats, play a game, or just have lots of extra cuddles and scratches.

6. Do Some Drugs

Your vet can prescribe doggy tranquilizers that will help your fur kid to relax. DON’T give your dog any human medication.  Some pet owners swear by CBD or organic hemp treats for a mild, natural tranquilizing effect.

7. Be Prepared

Make sure your dog has ID tags on its collar with its name, your name, and your phone number clearly displayed. Get your dog microchipped if it doesn’t have one. Get your dog a license – if it runs off and is picked up by animal control, they can call to let you know they have your dog.

Enjoy a great holiday, and keep you and the family safe!