Husky neutered

    Some Siberian Huskies deviate to some extent from the registered standard in appearance, size, action, temperament, or they have known hereditary defects are not used for breeding by responsible breeders. These dogs are automatically spayed or neutered by reputable breeders.

    Husky pup

    Both sexes make good pets – however, male Siberian and Alaskan Huskies are more dependent on their human “pack”, and female Huskies are more independent. For example, if you and your family are sitting in the living room, a male Siberian will probably prefer to be in the room with you, while the female will probably sleep in the other room and just come in and check on you from time to time. 

    Husky escaping

    Huskies are undeniably expert escape artists. This is something many Husky owners are experienced with, and something that many breeders will warn new Husky owners about. But the myth that ALL Huskies will try to escape is something is mostly untrue.

    Husky good with children

    Siberian huskies and Alaskan Huskies are pack animals, and generally love people, children included. A lot of the relationship between your children and your Husky depends on the nature of the children. Careless and cruel children don't deserve a pet of any kind. Never buy a pet to teach a child responsibility. You're the adult; you have the responsibility of caring for the pet.

    Husky digging

    One of the biggest problems you will experience with your Siberian husky or Alaskan husky is digging. He can be very destructive, and you’ll want to avoid this Husky-habit as much as possible.

    Are Huskies good with other pets?

    Huskies have a very strong prey-drive (meaning they instinctively hunt other animals); and if they are not socialized to smaller animals as puppies they will go after most small animals, and even some large animals they encounter. The Husky drive to hunt can be a problem in living together with other animals – especially creatures like cats and rabbits, who tend to bolt when startled. Your Husky likes nothing better than a good chase, even if he doesn’t intend to harm the other creature!

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