How can you make Husky bath time easy and fun?

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Huskies are a very clean breed by nature and don’t smell bad. They don’t need regular bathing, and too much shampooing will strip the natural oils in their coat and irritate their skin. Bathing is for very, very dirty dogs who have rolled in mud – or something worse!

Some Huskies really hate being bathed, even when very dirty. You generally end up much hotter than when you started the process. You might have to chase after them, fight to keep them in the water, and then get soaked in the process. Afterwards, you’re too tired to dry them properly so they end up with that wet dog smell!

Here are a few tips to make the next doggy bath time a bit more pleasant.

Before bath time

During the bath, you’ll be busy holding your boy or gal in place, so you don’t want to fumble around for the shampoo. Get all your stuff together within handy reach of the bath area beforehand. Do it quietly – dogs are smart, and might try to hide away if they hear you getting the bath ready.

Take the dog for a nice energetic walk before bath time. They’ll burn off any excess energy, and be less excitable during the process.

Getting the Husky into the bath

Call your dog calmly and don’t get him or her excited about toys or treats – in other words – don’t try to “bribe” them to come to the bathroom!

If you stay cool and calm during the bath, then there’s more chance your dog will cooperate. If you’re tense and frustrated and manhandle them more than normal, they’ll be more likely to act up.

Resist the urge to laugh at them – even though they look hilarious when they’re wet and half their original size! 

During bath time

Once your boy or gal is standing in the tub, wet their back gently with a jug of water. Let them get used to being in the water before splashing their head or face.

Bath time is a perfect opportunity to feel your dog over for any lumps or bumps. Their thick Husky coats can often hide such signs for concern, but a wet coat makes it much easier.  

Make sure you rinse off all the shampoo thoroughly. Leftover shampoo will dry your dog’s skin out and make it itchy and uncomfortable. Plus they’ll try to lick themselves and it will taste bad – or even upset their stomachs.

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After bath time

It’s vital that you dry off your Husky as well as you can. Their coats take a long time to dry naturally, even in warm weather.You can either use a couple of soft towels, or a hair dryer if your dog is OK with it. Put the dryer on a medium, rather than hot, setting.

When you’re done, give the dog a good brushing. This will help to finish off the drying process, and prevent any matting or clumping of fur.

Finally – praise and pats and something tasty to eat will ensure your guy or girl learns to associate good bath time behavior with rewards!